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Holt International Officials Visited the NCRC(July 31)
Date : 2019-08-08 Name : KAS Hit :  767

On the 31
st of July, two of Holt International officials visited NCRC to discuss about the family search and post-adoption services.

At the meeting, conversations were extensively held about the overall process of the family search, related services, the methods for counseling, etc.

In particular, NCRC stated the current status of actively conducting family search by expanding the number of cooperating media and conducting on-site investigation since 2018.

In addition, the adoptees’ concern over the change of NCRC was expressed and regarding this concern, NCRC stated that adoption related works will be continually carried out.

Based on such visits and interagency communication, Holt International and NCRC will continue to cooperate in the future in carrying out a number of tasks, including the family search and post-adoption service.




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