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Announcement on the I-600 filing procedure
Date : 2019-09-03 Name : KAS Hit :  769

Announcement on the I-600 filing procedure


There is an additional announcement to the I-600 procedure.


According to State Department regulations, if the child is not residing in the country of the adoptive parents, I-600 can be filed to the local US embassy when the adoptive parents have visited the country at least once during the immigrant visa process.

However, there must be an approved I-600A. Also, both I-600A and adoptive parents' fingerprints must be valid. In addition, I-600 can be submitted by agents appointed by adoptive parents.


Therefore, adoptive parents who wish to submit I-600 to the U.S. Embassy from August 16, 2019 should file it in the following manner.


  • When adoptive parents visit Korea for the court summons regarding the child's adoption, submit I-600 written/signed by the case manager of the three adoption agencies ESWS/SWS/Holt.

    All documents required by I-600 Instructions must be submitted by referring to https://www.uscis.gov/i-600

    (*IMPORTANT: Applicable only before the expiration date of I-600A and adoptive parents’ fingerprint.  I-171H, I-600A approval notice including the I-600A and fingerprint expiration date must be submitted.)


  • The adoption agency should notify the embassy official in advance through e-mail about the I-600 filing schedule, including the name of adoptive parents/the name of the child/ filing date. The filing date should be preferably weekday afternoons except Wednesdays.



  • If the court’s decree has already been issued, submit I-600 with the statement attached. The final approval for I-600 is given only if both the court’s decree and the court confirmation are submitted.


  • When the I-600 is filed to the US embassy, Instruction Package including the SEO case number will be issued to the adoption agency, for physical examination and visa application.


  • Adoption agency should notify the embassy official about the interview schedule via e-mail, considering the date when the child's court confirmation document will be issued and when the adoptive parents will arrive in Korea. Interviews should be designated preferably on 1p.m. of Tuesday or Thursday.


  • As before, prior to the interview date, the adoption agency should submit the child's interview document to the embassy's official. At this point, the child’s interview photos, court decree document regarding the adoption and court confirmation documents should be submitted together.


Thank you.


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