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[Policy forum Held Across Regions] Child Policies for an Inclusive Nation
Date : 2019-12-11 Name : KAS Hit :  402

[Policy forum on the Child Policies for an Inclusive Nation]



The Policy Forum is held across regions to introduce the announcement of the Child Policies for an Inclusive Nation and the launch of the National Center for the Rights of the Child.


The forum will be held to examine the direction children's policy and discuss about the direction of NCRC.

It has been held across the country in different regions and this time, the forum is held in Seoul. 



1) Time : December 23rd, 2:00p.m. ~ 4:00p.m.

2) Place : the Grand Congerence Hall of Yonsei University Severance Bldg., Seoul

3) Content :  Introduction to the 'Child Policies for an Inclusive' and NCRC(National Center for the Rights of the Child)

*applying as participant has been closed last week


For those who are interested in the forum, we have attached the presentation about the Child Policies announced to build an inclusive society tranlated in English.


Please refer to the document attached.



Thank you. 


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