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Additional Search Services
Date : 2020-02-05 Name : KAS Hit :  692

Additional Family Search Services of NCRC

National Center for the Rights of the Child supports overseas adoptees by establishing identity and ensure adoptees’ rights. Services below are provided to adoptees who can’t find birth parent due to lack of information in the adoption background documents.

 1. Creating a search profile on the Korea Adoption Services website.

Both adoptees and birth families may create their profile on the family search bulletin board of our website. Your profile will be translated into Korean and will be seen in the Korean website. To creat your profile, please visit the link below.


2. Utilizing media such as newspapers and broadcasting to find birth families.

NCRC is helping adoptees to locate birth families by cooperating with a news agency and a broadcasting company.

In order to publish your search story or broadcast it, you need to share your adoption and family search story with us.

Your story will be published through Yonhap News Agency, a government-funded company, which provides news articles to other media in Korea. Regarding broadcasting, NCRC made a connection with YTN, a TV broadcasting company, and is working to help adoptees find their birth families through broadcasting or uploading their stories on Youtube. Interviews will take place in Korea and the producers will select interviewee based on their story.

3. Printing adoptees’ profile on the National Health Insurance bill

Adoptees can post their profile on the National Health Insurance bill with assistance of NCRC. The Health Insurance bill is printed every month and bills with adoptees profile will be published about 2~3milion. One adoptee's story is printed on the bill per month, so adoptees who request this service might have to wait for their turn. If you request this service, the case worker will ask for basic information(name, date of birth, where you were found, special features, etc.) and photos as a baby and current.

How to request Additional Family Search Services of NCRC

To request these services, fill out Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement(please find the attached) and send it to NCRC along with copy of ID(passport preferred) at familysearch@ncrc.or.kr


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