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For Adoptee

For Adoptee Searching for Birth Family

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For Adoptees
Subject Looking for relatives
Date 2019-05-13 00:48 Hit  190

·Writer Information

Writer Sofia Bergting Email ****@*******
TEL ***-****-****

·Identifying Information

Name Zung Ok KWON 정옥 권 Gender Female
Birthdate 1976-01-01 [Accurate] Blood Type
Distinguishable Physical Condition
Adoption Agency Choong-ku Adoption Date 1976-09-09
Nationality Sweden Ethnicity Swedish
Birth Parents Kye-Hwa Kwon Siblings
Other related information My birthmother was born at Chilgok in the Kyungbuk Province, probably in 1956. She graduated from primary school at 16 when both her parents died. In 1975, at the age of 19 she wandered from place to place with her younger brother, looking for work. While working as a housemaid and waitress at Hayang, near Taegoo city, she met a camera engineer and had me. After I was born, my father left and his whereabouts are unknown. The only thing I know about him is that he was probably 23 at the time. My mother couldn’t care for me so I was released to a foster home of the Kyung-Book branch in Taegoo/Daegu on January 6, 1976. February 26, 1976 I moved to a new foster home in Seoul where I stayed until I was released for adoption. I arrived in Sweden on September 9, 1976.

·Adoption Background Information

Name of the person who requested for adoption
/Name of the person who found you
Age you were adopted/ Age you were found
Name of the police officer or police station which take you in charge Jae Bum Yang, Kyung Ja Lee
Information of Foster mother
Name of the institution you stayed before adoption Choong-Ku
Length of stay in the institution Two months
Place you were born/Place you were found Daegu
Other related information Family origin: An Dong.
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Zung Ok KWON 정옥 권의 사진
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Zung Ok KWON 정옥 권의 사진
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Zung Ok KWON 정옥 권의 사진
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