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For Birth Family Serching Adoptee

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For Birth Families
Subject Looking for three daughters in France
Date 2020-03-23 18:19 Hit  122

·Writer Information

Writer 박정은 Email ****@*******
TEL ***-****-****
Others It is written by manager instead of birthfather.

·Identifying Information

Name Oh Jeong-won(오정원) Gender Male
Birthdate 2020-01-01 Blood Type
Relationship with the relinquished child birthfather
Other birth children besides the relinquished child no
Distinguishable physical or mental condition healthy
Current Home Address
Current condition (Remarriage, Health Condition, etc.)
Other related information I had taken care of three daughters alone without birth mother before remarried. However, The new wife didn't care them and it's so hard to raise them alone . So I decided to request adoption. I hesitated to find them until now because I'm very sorry.. I just want to know whether they live well and say sorry to them.

·Relinquishment Background

Name of the relinquished child Oh Seung Hye, Oh Mi Hye, Oh Eun Hye
Gender of a child Female
Birthdate of the child 1977-07-21
Ethnicity of the child
Distinquishable physical or behavioral condition of the child
Place where the child was born
Approximate time (year, date, etc.) of relinquishment 1987, when there were many protests
Any item left with the child at the time of relinquishment
Reason for relinquishment It was hard to take care of them that time..
Other related information The birth father told through Holt that they were all adopted to one France family. first, Oh Seung Hye 1977-07-21 Second, Oh Mi Hye 1980-03-23 third, Oh Eun Hye 1982-05-16 He had many things to tell his daughters but he couldn't. He want to tell them sorry for everything.
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