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KAS Supports Adoptees And Their Familiesfor Their Rights And Interests to be protected



Broadcasting Adoptees Searching for Birth Families
Date : 2018-08-21 Name : KAS Hit :  2,315

<Broadcasting Adoptees Searching for Birth Families>


Korea Adoption Services (KAS) supports overseas adoptees with establishing a positive self identity and protects adoptees’ rights. In accordance, KAS made a connection with YTN, a TV broadcasting company, and is working to help adoptees find their birth families through broadcasting their stories. Active participation of foreign adoptees will be highly appreciated.


1. Applicants

Domestic and overseas adoptees looking for their birth family


2. Application Period

August 2018~ (Always recruiting)


3. Program Contents

Program Name : YTN Global Korean, <I Miss You> Corner

Broadcasting Time : Every Sunday at 7:40 pm (under 3 minutes)

Production Method : Interview

For adoptees currently residing in Korea, interviews can be done in Korea. For adoptees residing outside of Korea, interviews can be done with the dispatched reporter. (Regions available for interview: U.S - New York, West Atlanta, San Francisco, Texas, Los Angeles / Europe - Netherlands, Sweden, France)


4. Application Process

Apply through Korea Adoption Services by sharing your stories, pictures, and contact information related to your family search

Once applied, KAS will connect adoptees to YTN TV broadcasting company

○ Where to apply : khw@kadoption.or.kr


5. Contact information : Hye Won Kim(02-6943-2654, khw@kadoption.or.kr)


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