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IKAA Charts Part 4 - Adoption Issues (In defense of ICA, Birthmother vs Chidren's Rights)
Date : 2010-08-30 Name : Steve Morrison Hit :  4,843
In this section discusses the reasons for the defense of Intercountry Adoption (ICA), and also goes into the details as to why advocating for birthmothers' rights and children's rights should go together, not one over the expense of the other, like some are advocating.  Some birthmothers' rights advocates have spoken strongly against both Domestic Adoption and the ICA.  This presentation is all about the rights of children while respecting the rights of birthmothers' rights.  The promotion of birthmothers' rights and the the promotion of adoption must go hand-in-hand. 
There are some who are called to promote birthmothers' rights.  They must work hard to represent the birthmothers and create more favorable environments for them to raise their own children.  KUMSN is a prime example of an organization created to support unwed mothers. 
There are some who are called to promote adoption of homeless children that birthmothers could not or would not keep. Currently there are far more children being abandoned than they are kept by birthmothers. MPAK is an organization created to be a voice for voiceless children who need homes through adoption promotion. 
Just as KUMSN or the anti-adoption organizations cannot do the works of MPAK or adoption promotion, MPAK cannot do the works they have been called to do.  But we need to respect the callings and the works of one another and do the best in our respective areas.  In this way the children's best interest is served. 
The best way to stop ICA is not advocating its closure immediately, but by promoting birthmothers to raise their own children, and by promoting domestic adoption.  However, because of the limitations on these programs in Korea, the remaining children must find homes overseas.  This resonates exactly the vision expressed by the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption.
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