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Sister missing in South Korea in in 1973 - 74 was last seen
Date : 2010-07-29 Name : steve inman Hit :  5,465

I dont know if this is the place to write someone, but many years ago my parents lost a child in Seoul Korea in the early 70's, they eventually gave up after they were turned away from the embassy and basically no one was helping, I beleive there was a big black market for kidnapped children back then, her name is Sally Inman, she was abducted many years ago, I dont know why my parents gave up many years ago, but as an adult I have sworn that I will not stop till the day we find her or find out answers, we have pictures of her as a baby she was about 1 years of age when it happened, I know this is a long shot, but I cannot live my life without searching for her, a long time ago my dad was in the army and thats how he met my mom, I am half american half korean and at the age of 33 time is running out for my mother, when they found out that their baby sitter had lost the child they had knew that the sitter sold her into the black market which was huge in the 70's, My dad Steve Inman and Mom Dian Inman immediately went to the Korean embassy in Seoul Korea but they denied him of any service because of what reasons I do not know, thus leaving my parents on their own to find her, I dont know where to go, my mom is getting older by the minute, and to find her or at least get answers, before her time is done here on earth, please if there is anyway, or any information on how I can try or start to find her, we really need someones help, I appreciate your time, and just hope we can find out the way of going about this, my mom had suffered through out the years with depression as a result of this, and I vouched I would do everything I could when I became an adult to try and find out answers, my mom doesn't speak the greatest of english so it was hard for her to follow up on this especially in the 80s when there was no technology that could help us. Please i ask for your help or guidance thanks so much for your time, and keep up the good work you have been doing for the kids, Sally Inman is about 36 years of age today, I recently had a child of my own, when I saw a resemblance in my son and my long lost sister, I nearly broke down and couldnt forgive myself for giving up on finding my sister, any help or direction would be of great help. attached are pictures the old lady in the picture had the baby in her care, when my parents got home and found out she was missing, the old lady had said she got kid napped, but to this day i am puzzled, my father and mother are still alive, after this inccident he became an acholic they since divorced but they are the only living proof w have of what really happened that day. Attached are pictures of her I know this may not help a lot because she was just a baby when abducted but we have more pics, I am a professional Video Editor and camera man, I own all my equipment and I have a lot, and am willing to use these to tools to help if its of any resource, below is a link to a documentary I started i finding her, at this point we dont know if shes is in Korea or America, here is a link with more info and pictures,

Steve Inman

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