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Announement on Birth Family Search
Date : 2020-09-08 Name : KAS Hit :  1,150

Thank you for your interest and attention to NCRC.


Korea Adoption Services(KAS) department would like to make an announcement regarding adoptees’ birth family search as below.


KAS department have been dealing with internal and external issues related to Covid-19, and could not correspond to adoptees’ request for birth family search for a while. While observing the situation, we decided to announce our current situation as above and ask for your kind understanding for our delayed respond.


Below services will be on going.

-Cases which has been on going

-Genetic test for adoptees and assumed birth parents

-Issueing the certificate(Certificate for Adoptee without identifying birth parent information) for genetic testing at Korean consulates

-Issueing family relationship certificate between adoptee and birth family for sending facial mask

-Additional Search Services (promoting adoptees story on online, posting profile on National Health Insurance monthly bills)


However, newly requested cases would have to wait for the respond and process to start until beginning of next year.


We politely ask for newly requesting adoptees who need immediate respond to inquire to relevant adoption agency for assist.


Deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your patience and kind understanding in advance.


Kindest regards,

Korean Adoption Services(NCRC)


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