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For Birth Families
Subject Looking for my cousins
Date 2018-03-27 11:48 Hit  1,601

·Writer Information

Writer Park, Jung Hoon Email ****@*******
TEL ***-****-****
Others I am Park, Jung Hoon, who teaches administrative law at Kyunghee University's Graduate School of Law._x000D_ My uncle (Park Byeong-sool) who is my father's brother, couldn't be reached for about 20 years. My uncle had two children from his de facto marriage. My other cousin has seen the two children twice in early 1970s. I want to check whether my two cousins were adopted either in Korea or in other countries.

·Identifying Information

Name Park, Jung Hoon Gender Male
Birthdate 2018-01-01 Blood Type A
Ethnicity Korean
Relationship with the relinquished child Cousin
Other birth children besides the relinquished child
Distinguishable physical or mental condition Height 178cm, Weight 80kg. All our family members have straight, thick hair
Current Home Address Unit 19-609, Eunma apartment, Daechi 2 dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Current condition (Remarriage, Health Condition, etc.)
Other related information In 1970s, I visited my uncle's place in Samduk-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu with my cousins Park So Young (3 years old at that time) and Park Jung Min (1 year old at that time). My uncle had these two children from his de facto marriage. As my uncle got out of de facto marriage, we lost contact with him. _x000D_ I have always wondered about how well my cousins, So Young and Jung Min, were. I asked my uncle (Park Byeong Sool: Born in 1941, from 518 Samduk-dong) about how there were doing whenever I could reach him. _x000D_ I remember one time when my mother and father came to Seoul to find my cousins. At that time my uncle said they were in an orphanage in Ilsan, Incheon, or Gapyeong. My parents couldn't find them as my uncle didn't seem to know where my cousins were. I guess my uncle refused to be clear about where they were due to his financial situation. My uncle isn't that reasonable but doesn't hate children. _x000D_ My uncle was never clear about his children. He was asked about his children whenever he visited his parents' house. He said my cousins were adopted in a foreign country and that he is willing to find them when things get better. _x000D_ It is clear that my cousins were first taken to an orphanage. There is a big possibility that they were adopted overseas. _x000D_ I think uncle didn't make it clear about where his children were because he himself didn't know after they were adopted. Maybe he wanted to find them after his situation got better. _x000D_ However, even uncle couldn't be reached after 1995. I have no information about my cousins now, whether they were adopted or whether they were adopted overseas. _x000D_ Please help me find my cousins, So Young (age now 42-52) and Park, Jung Min (age now 46-50). They must have been adopted without a family record, as my uncle and aunt weren't legally married. However, It is clear that my uncle, not my aunt, took them to an orphanage in Gapyeong.

·Relinquishment Background

Name of the relinquished child Park, So Young (Female)/ Park, Jung Min (Male)
Gender of a child Female
Birthdate of the child 2018-01-01
Ethnicity of the child Korean
Distinquishable physical or behavioral condition of the child Black hair
Place where the child was born Busan or Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do
Approximate time (year, date, etc.) of relinquishment early 1970s
Any item left with the child at the time of relinquishment
Reason for relinquishment breaking up in de facto marriage
Other related information My aunt was from Busan
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