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[re] Sister missing in South Korea in in 1973 - 74 was last seen
Date : 2010-08-11 Name : Steve Morrison Hit :  2,968
She is very cute, and what a loss and pain it must be for you.
It is definitely a crime to kidnap a child in Korea and a care must be given when making such a statement because it is such a serious matter. What evidence do you have that she was kidnapped?
Your statement is somewhat confusing and you may want to clear this.

You stated that "I beleive there was a big black market for kidnapped children back then, her name is Sally Inman, she was abducted many years ago, I dont know why my parents gave up many years ago, ..."
You seem to indicate that your sister was kidnapped, and then you say that you don't know why your parents gave up, thus conflicting whether she was kidnapped or given up by your parents.

If her name is Sally Inman, was she already an adoptee?  Could she have been kidnapped by a Korean national and still lives in Korea?

If you know the name of the child, date of birth, you should be able to approach the four adoption agencies, and see if they did send a child that matches the identity.  On the other hand if the child was supposedly kidnapped the agency may not have had the right information.
Let's hope that she is OK and that she will turn up soon.
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