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KAS Supports Adoptees And Their Familiesfor Their Rights And Interests to be protected

For Adoptee

For Adoptee Searching for Birth Family

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For Adoptees
Subject Searching for family or family members
Date 2020-11-12 04:54 Hit  111

·Writer Information

Writer Casey Houck Email ****@*******
TEL ***-****-****

·Identifying Information

Name Kim Chan Jhun Gender Male
Birthdate 1951-09-01 [Estimated] Blood Type A+
Distinguishable Physical Condition Korean, with multiple scars
Adoption Agency Holt Children Services, Il San, Seoul, Korea Adoption Date 1958-12-23
Nationality USA Ethnicity Korean
Birth Parents William & Elnora Houck Siblings yes
Other related information

·Adoption Background Information

Name of the person who requested for adoption
/Name of the person who found you
Julia Allison
Age you were adopted/ Age you were found approximately 10
Name of the police officer or police station which take you in charge Camp Casey
Information of Foster mother
Name of the institution you stayed before adoption Holt Children Services
Length of stay in the institution 3 months
Place you were born/Place you were found Camp Casey
Other related information I was separated from my family in Busan around 1956, was orphaned when I got on a train and the train pulled out. Our family lived in Ami Dong area. I was found freezing in a boxcar by American soldiers and was later placed in the Holt Adoption services orphanage. Was given my official birthdate on induction.
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