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For Adoptees
Subject Looking for my mom, I was born in Masan, Fatima Hospital Kyungnam, Changwon. 당신은 18 살이었습니다
Date 2020-11-14 08:50 Hit  159

·Writer Information

Writer Thibaut Juste 이 정 수 Email ****@*******
TEL ***-****-****

·Identifying Information

Name Lee Jung Soo 이 정 수 Gender Male
Birthdate 1988-07-11 [Accurate] Blood Type 0
Distinguishable Physical Condition
Adoption Agency Holt Children's Services Inc Adoption Date 1988-11-04
Nationality France Ethnicity Korean
Birth Parents Unknown mother's name, 18 years old Siblings no
Other related information

·Adoption Background Information

Name of the person who requested for adoption
/Name of the person who found you
social worker Ahn Heung Shik / Jung Oh Kyung. Translator Kim Hye Ryun on 7/27/88
Age you were adopted/ Age you were found 5 months
Name of the police officer or police station which take you in charge
Information of Foster mother Kyung-nam, a hilly residential area 10 minutes away from Holt Kyungnam Branch office, Chungang-dong Mansan
Name of the institution you stayed before adoption Kyungnam Foster home 경남 포스터 홈
Length of stay in the institution 5 months
Place you were born/Place you were found Fatima Hospital Kyungnam / 창원파티마병원 Masan 마산시
Other related information CASE K88-2172 I was born at the clinic Fatima / Patima in Masan, Kyungnam province. I was born natural way, premature on 11st July 1988. 2.4 kg. I stayed in incubator until 30th July 1988. Relinquished by birth mother who was 18 years old, a senior high school graduate, unemployed and unwed. No information on father, no biological siblings. My birth mother delivered me with my birth grandmother's help. She referred the baby to Holt herself. Placed in Kyung-nam Foster House. Moved to Seoul Foster House on 2nd September 1988. Medical Checkup by Dr Cho. Foster home Holt Seoul Hapjung-Dong, Mapo-Ku: KIM Han-kyu born 1st December 1940/ YOON Jae-Sung born 3rd October 1934. Origin Hanyang.Adoption accepted by Holt on 4 November 1988. 12 December 1988 flight to France. 서류 K88-2172 저는 경남 마산의 파티마 / 파티마 클리닉에서 태어났습니다. 나는 1988 년 7 월 11 일에 일찍 태어났다. 2.4 kg. 나는 1988 년 7 월 30 일까지 인큐베이터에 머물렀다. 18 세의 생모, 고등학교 졸업자, 실업자 및 미혼자에 의해 포기. 아버지에 대한 정보도, 생물학적 형제 자매도 없습니다. 내 친어머니는 친할머니의 도움으로 나를 출산했다. 그녀는 아기를 홀트 자신에게 소개했습니다. 경남 포스터 하우스 입주 1988 년 9 월 2 일 서울 포스터 하우스로 이전. 조 박사의 건강 검진. 포스터 홈 홀트 서울 합정동, 마포구 : 김한규 1940 년 12 월 1 일 출생 / 윤재성 1934 년 10 월 3 일 출생. 원산 한양. 1988 년 12 월 12 일 프랑스 행 비행.
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