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For Birth Family

For Birth Family Serching Adoptee

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For Birth Families
Subject Looking for son
Date 2019-08-16 10:44 Hit  1,167

·Writer Information

Writer Kim deok ja Email ****@*******
TEL ***-****-****

·Identifying Information

Name Kim deok ja Gender Female
Birthdate 1961-06-16 Blood Type A
Relationship with the relinquished child birthmother
Other birth children besides the relinquished child no
Distinguishable physical or mental condition
Current Home Address
Current condition (Remarriage, Health Condition, etc.)
Other related information

·Relinquishment Background

Name of the relinquished child Kwon young jin
Gender of a child Male
Birthdate of the child 1985-01-28
Ethnicity of the child
Distinquishable physical or behavioral condition of the child There are two hair whorls
Place where the child was born
Approximate time (year, date, etc.) of relinquishment 1985.03.19
Any item left with the child at the time of relinquishment
Reason for relinquishment
Other related information I relinquished the child through Holt in cholyang-dong, Busan._x000D_ His foster parents were living in Pennsylvania, USA at that time. The stepfather was 38 years old and running a shop. Hid stepmother who was a teacher was 37 years old and christian. The photo above is at the moment of adoption. And two photos below that are what the stepparents sent to Holt, USA. _x000D_ The relinquishment date in Holt, USA is June 25, 1985.
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Kwon young jin의 사진
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Kwon young jin의 사진
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Kwon young jin의 사진
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Kwon young jin의 사진
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