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After the IKAA
Date : 2010-08-11 Name : Steve Morrison Hit :  3,264
I just came back from the IKAA Gathering in Seoul, Korea.
The IKAA Gathering was on 3 - 8 August, 2010 at the Lotte Hotel, and there were close to 550 adoptees from 20 nations that participated.
It was evident that the Gathering was very well organized and this was the comments that I heard from a numerous adoptees. 
The Gathering was a bit longer than needed (Tue - Sun), but then factoring in the fact that many adoptees came to visit Korea not just for the Gathering, it would be meaningful to make it long and provide the hotel discounts available to adoptees. 
A big Congratulations and Thank You to Tim & Kim Holm, Liselotte Birkmose, and many others from the US and Europe that have volunteered so much of their time and resources to make this a memorable event for many adoptees.
The event was organized for adoptees by adoptees, and it was great to meet so many adoptees from all over the world.  The next event is already talked about for 2013 in Seoul, with a lots of mini gatherings throughout Europe and the US in between.
While our upbringings are different with different cultures, we share a common bond that we have been adopted from Korea and planted in many parts of the world.  With 164,000 adoptees (est by the end of 2010) that have been adopted abroad, we have become a community of our own. 
Though our beginnings is humble, we determine our future despite what has been our past.  While we cannot solely credit adoption for our successes, we cannot blame adoption for our misfortunes.  It is we who have to make a difference in our lives and the lives of those around us. I am reminded of an  annonymous qoute I once read, "What we are is God's gift to us.  What we make of ourselves is our gifts to God."  

Steve Morrison
Founder, Mission to Promote Adoption in Korea (MPAK)
KCARE Board Member
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