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For Birth Family

For Birth Family Serching Adoptee

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For Birth Families
Subject Son of Korean Adoptee Searching for Her Birth Parents
Date 2021-01-06 17:26 Hit  45

·Writer Information

Writer Jonathon Wells Email ****@*******
TEL ***-****-****

·Identifying Information

Name Cho Kyong Cha (조경차) Gender Female
Birthdate 1957-01-01 Blood Type Unknown
Ethnicity Korean (한국인)
Relationship with the relinquished child Mother (어머니)
Other birth children besides the relinquished child no
Distinguishable physical or mental condition Unknown
Current Home Address #10 Changmi-dong, Gunsan, Chonbuk-do, Korea
Current condition (Remarriage, Health Condition, etc.) Unknown
Other related information The given address is where my mother was born in 1977. The birth mother and her father: Cho Kyu Pil (조큐필) lived at #690 Youi-ri, Chochonmyon, Wanchu-kun, Chongbuk-do, Korea (한국 전북 완주군 "조촌면" 여의리 690). The father was unlisted on the adoption paperwork. Family origin is listed as Changyong. My mother's birth was reported on July 2 1977. The paperwork was translated by Yin Chong Ki and notarized by the Choong Ang Law Firm.

·Relinquishment Background

Name of the relinquished child Cho Mi Ran (조미란)
Gender of a child Female
Birthdate of the child 1977-01-27
Ethnicity of the child Korean (한국인)
Distinquishable physical or behavioral condition of the child Small mole (beauty mark) between the eyes on the lower forehead
Place where the child was born Chang-mi dong #10, Kunsan, Chonbuk-do, Korea
Approximate time (year, date, etc.) of relinquishment July 18, 1977
Any item left with the child at the time of relinquishment
Reason for relinquishment "Illegal" child so unable to be supported
Other related information My mom's adopted mother is from the US, specifically Oregon. I am not posting photos as my mother does not wish to. However, she is about 5'5" or 165cm, with fairly tan skin, and single eyelids.
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