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IKAA Charts Part 1 - Overview of Adoption Changes in Korea
Date : 2010-08-31 Name : Steve Morrison Hit :  5,189
This is the first of four parts series of postings.  These charts were pesented at a session at the 2010 IKAA Gathering at the Lotte Hotel on August 4, 2010.  Rather than have one set of charts, I have broken it down to four separate sections according to its topics.  This way the viewers will have the flexibility to focus on the topic of interest.  The four sections are as follows:

IKAA Charts - Part 1:  Overiew of Domestic Adoption Changes in Korea - Looks at the positive changes in the domestic adoption culture

IKAA Charts - Part 2:  Changes in the Adoption Laws - A short, global summary look at some of the changes in the adoption laws being considered

IKAA Charts - Part 3:  Summary of KCARE - A brief summary of what KCARE is all about

IKAA Charts - Part 4:  In Defense of Adoption, and Birthmothers' Rights vs Children's Rights - Shows why advocating Birthmothers' rights and promotion of adoption needs to go hand-in-hand rather than advocating one at the expense of another, like some of the anti-adoption proponents have advocated

Part 4 has two supporting documents that should accompany with interviews with Mr. Sun Up Kim and Ms. Young Sook Kim on the status of orphans who don't get adopted in Korea.
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