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For Adoptees
Subject Looking for a youngest sister "MeeJin"
Date 2013-09-03 17:30 Hit  12,205

·Writer Information

Writer KAS Email ****@*******
TEL ***-****-****

·Identifying Information

Name Kim Mi Chin Gender Female
Birthdate 1965-04-16 [] Blood Type
Distinguishable Physical Condition
Adoption Agency Adoption Date 1969-09-15
Nationality USA Ethnicity
Birth Parents . Siblings
Other related information

·Adoption Background Information

Name of the person who requested for adoption
/Name of the person who found you
Age you were adopted/ Age you were found
Name of the police officer or police station which take you in charge
Information of Foster mother
Name of the institution you stayed before adoption
Length of stay in the institution
Place you were born/Place you were found
Other related information Kim Mi Chin was born in April 16th 1965. Kim Mi Chin was left to "Joo-naejayookwon"(located in Pa-joo) with her sister and brother by her stepmother. Shortly afterwards, the stepmother took Kim Mi Chin's sister and brother back home, but she left Kim Mi Chin at the orphanage. Kim Mi Chin stayed at the orphanage for about 2years and was adopted to USA at the age of 6. Kim Mi Chin's sister(MeeSun) has forgotten her youngest sister for a long time, but she was suddenly reminded of her youngest sister at the age of 14. Meesun has tried so hard to look for her sister, but she has not been able to get any results. She is thinking that Kim Mi Chin was not adopted through adoption agencies. She guesses that Kim Mi Chin was adopted to someone who was in US military directly, since a lot of US soldiers lived in Pajoo area. Only clue is the departure certificate issued by Immigration office. MeeSun is desperately looking for her youngest sister. If anybody has known or heard of this person or Kim Mi Chin sees this advertisement, please contact Sara Yun at 02-776-9680 #200 immediately. Thank you.
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