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Grown Abandoned Daughter Searching for Family
Date : 2015-02-19 Name : Hyun Mee KIM Hit :  2,053
I'm desperately searching for my biological parents/family! I was found underneath a bridge in Changseong, Korea in the month of November, 1981 when I was between the ages of 2-4 yrs old. I had NO name, identity, info of parents, address, etc. I was placed immediately in Hyunjeisa Orphanage in Gwangju until my American adoption. I visited Korea and the orphanage last March, 2014 searching for any bio info. I left my contact in my file hoping someone will find me. Find me!!! 

Personal info: found stocky built, in poor clothes, crying, and cold. 
Specific features: small scar on left facial cheek and small brown spot (mole) on right foot. 
Contact info: email me at 
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