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About KAS

KAS Supports Adoptees And Their Familiesfor Their Rights And Interests to be protected .

What We Do

Offer a variety of services through integrated adoption information networks

  • · Run a comprehensive counseling program for domestic and international adoption.
  • · Build and run a centralized adoption database system, which is designed to provide information on adoptees and their adoptive and birth parents.
  • · Share information on adoptive children and prospective adoptive parents.
  • · Run a centralized adoption database system as a way to encourage domestic adoption.
  • · Build and run a centralized adoption database system as a way to improve efficiency of adoption services.

Systematize post-adoption services

  • · Provide counseling service to help adoptees find their birth parents and Support and coordinate post-adoption services.
  • · Handle petitions for adoption information disclosure.
  • · Locate birth parents and obtain their consent to adoption information disclosure.
  • · Help international adoptees acquire nationality as a way to protect their rights and interests.

Research and develop adoption policies and institutions

  • · Research and study adoption policies and services from home and abroad.
  • · Provide well-organized support for adoption policies and projects.
  • · Coordinate and support adoption programs.

Foster desirable adoption culture

  • · Enhance the public awareness of adoption and Foster desirable adoption culture.
  • · Monitor illegal adoption business.

Support adoption-related work at home and abroad.

  • · Build networks for cooperation between adoption agencies and organizations.
  • · Prepare itself to ratify the Hague Convention and Support activities for international adoption.

Undertake other projects proposed by the Minister of Health and Welfare